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We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing sound systems specifically designed for all funfair rides, games,...
We are known for our fast and excellent service.
With a sound system from discosmash you buy a very durable high performance sound system for a reasonable price.
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2243 Pulle

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Key features:

  • Can hold 10 samples of each max. 48sec.
  • Volume control
  • Programmable sequence timer (play a sequence of chose sounds, with a chosen pause between each sound
  • Programmable remote control (play any of the 10 sounds with an N.O. switch
  • Auto music-mute (connect the soundbox between your CD-player and mixer,amplifier,... and the music will be muted while a sound is played
  • Built-in power supply (no need for external adaptors)

Technical specifications:

  • Connections:
    • 220V input power
    • 2 X cinch line-in (optional, for auto-mute function)
    • 2 X cinch line-out
    • 1 X DB-9 (for connecting just 1 connection to Discosmash mixing panel)
    • 1 X DB-25 (for connection the remote)
  • Height: 75mm (2.95")
  • Width: 250mm (9.84")
  • Depth: 160mm (6.30")
  • Weight: 2.3kg

Price: 250€ (excl.)