Discosmash is a leading manufacturer of Professional audio equipment for the amusement and entertainment industry.

Our design and manufacturing facility is located centrally in Europe, near Antwerp, Belgium. We’re a customer focussed business that aims to give complete customer satisfaction from the initial discussion of the clients needs through to providing industry renowned after sales service.

All our products are designed for use in tough demanding environments and are equally at home in a fixed or mobile installation. Our loudspeaker systems are testament to this and are often subjected to wind/heavy rain/corrosive sea air and thus are perfect for all the specific needs in this industry.

The research, development and manufacturing of all our products is done in-house, which in turn allows us to make changes to products subject to the clients needs whilst achieving the highest possible level of quality control.


Since our humble beginnings in 1976 we have always tried to innovate by constantly updating our designs to use the latest technologies available meaning a higher quality end product. In recent years the advancement of 3D CAD/CAM software means a lot of time spent prototyping can be saved and we can visualise the finished product before its gone into production!


We are very aware that a technical issue with your sound system will impact your business and unfortunately even the best of equipment can fail from time to time.

Our equipment is specifically designed with service in mind and its construction is of a modular design, therefore most problems can easily be diagnosed and solved by telephone/email. Spare parts are always available and can be express shipped to the client for self installation or in the rare case of further technical problems we can dispatch an engineer or make arrangements for the equipment to be repaired in our workshops.

We are renowned for our excellent customer service and can be reached by phone 365 days of the year to assist with any problem you may have.