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Introducing the BWP (Big wheel player) this product was primarily designed for use in big wheel gondolas but it could be used in other interactive scenarios where either multilingual messages are required or the buttons can be programmed to play anything of your choice

Technical specifications

• High quality WAV file playback module for use in big wheel gondolas

• High-quality waterproof speaker

• Tough stainless steel facia panel

• Switch input to automatically start playing when doors close

• Recordings stored on the internal memory

• Up to 8 different selection buttons (i.e. for different languages)

• New sounds can be copied from an externally accessible USB stick into the internal memory (secured with pin code)

• Volume, tone, and settings are also copied from the USB stick

• Mounted all on a stainless steel panel, with the possibility of custom printing

• Second speaker can added for more volume



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