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Introducing the GHOST14, a compact standalone programmable speaker unit designed for attractions where a specific sound effect &  animated/robotic movement (via 24v DC programmable outputs) or announcement might be required at a certain point within an attraction controlled by a timer or an external trigger source. Useful in many applications such as ghost trains, haunted houses or interactive walk through scenario’s.


• High-quality WAV file playback module

• High quality full range internal speaker

• Background music mixed with sound effect

• Background music can be linked through multiple boxes

• 5 Programmable outputs (4 x 24VDC, 1 x 230V AC) for controlling e.g. pneumatic cylinders, relays, lamps, fans

• Adjustable volumes for effect and background.

• New program or sound can be loaded via USB stick

• Autorun with timer or external trigger

• Metal handle

• Plastic corners and feet

• Strong Polyurethane coating


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