CMDS Music distribution system

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Introducing the CMDS Music distribution system, a compact audio distribution system housed in a slimline 1U 19″ rackmount chassis.

Often the need arises for the same music to play through everything which can provide a better customer experience, especially in theme park settings. This system is suitable for permanent installation or mobile use and allows a line level audio signal to be safely distributed down a simple low cost 0.75mm 3 core cable, each attraction/ride uses an isolation transformer (CMDOOS-ST supplied separately) which connects to the 3 core cable and audio connection of the mixer or amplifier via a standard phono connection resulting in a perfect clean high quality audio signal.


• Play the same music on multiple attractions/rides for long distances without interference or loss of quality

• Balanced microphone and stereo music inputs

• Separate volume controls for music and microphone

• Left and right VU meter to indicate output level

• Microphone input for global safety announcements which automatically mutes music

• Dedicated sound-box input compatible with all models of DS Sound boxes via 9 pin Dsub connection on rear

• Protected against short-circuit in cabling

• Connect as many receivers as needed by simply joining all the wires together

• System gives full isolation between all equipment used in the signal chain




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