DSR-X20 Sampler

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Introducing the DSR-X20 Sampler, a compact and easy to use sample/jingle playback/recorder unit housed in a tough stainless steel chassis with a clear LCD display and intuitive menu system. The DSR-X20 is compatible with all audio systems and will simply connect between your existing music source and mixer/amplifier automatically muting the music source when a sample plays. The DSR-X20 also gives the user the ability to record from an external audio source or record straight from a microphone via a DS sound mixer, a welcome addition for when an attraction is being supervised by a member of staff who is not confident with using a microphone.


• Uses uncompressed WAV file format giving high-quality sound (CD-quality: 44KHz, 16 bit, stereo) 

• Unlimited amount of samples, unlimited in length

• Easy to operate:

– controls in English, Dutch, French or German
– individually illuminated buttons will guide you through the menu’s
– overview of all the selected samples on display
– 20 presets buttons for quick access to samples
– separate “stop” button
– volume and tone control
– many different timers can be created to play samples automatically
– the waiting time between each sample in the timer can be set individually

• Record your own sound effects & messages

• Adjust volume, tone, start and end point for any sample within the memory

• Reliable memory, insensitive to power interruptions,…

• Simple copy function to copy samples from other DS samplers

• Internal power supply

• Built-in mute function for easy connection to any amplifier or mixer

• Fully compatible with DS Sound PA300/PA400/PA110 mixers & C-series mixer/amplifiers, only 1 connection is needed (Mains power connection required for DSR-X20)





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