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We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing sound systems specifically designed for all funfair rides, games,...
We are known for our fast and excellent service.
With a sound system from discosmash you buy a very durable high performance sound system for a reasonable price.
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Phone: +32 34640909
Fax: +32 34640139


Service & Support

Despite the great reliability and quality of our products, problems can't always be avoided.
This is why all our products are specially designed to guarantee a fast service.
Everything is built in easily changeble modules as much as possbilbe and there are plenty of diagnostic leds.
Because of this, and our years of experience, we can locate any problems quickly on the phone and often already temporarily solved the problem.
If we can't solve it at once, we can always send you replacement parts so that you will have it the next day and can change it yourself very easily.
As a result, in case of any problems, everything will work again in no time and you can rely on our equipment!

With the use of our service vehicles we try to help our customers as fast as possible: