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We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing sound systems specifically designed for all funfair rides, games,...
We are known for our fast and excellent service.
With a sound system from discosmash you buy a very durable high performance sound system for a reasonable price.
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Phone: +32 34640909
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Custom Solutions

Custom made speakers

Do you have a limited space to put your speakers?
Do you want to integrate your speakers in an existing construction?
We can make them custom for you.
Subwoofers under a very low floor, integrate topspeakers in the decor,...
We will always take a look at your specific situation and find a solution for it.

Audio projects

We can accomplish any projects that you have, related to audio.
If standard equipment isn't sufficient for you, or doesn't have the exact features that you want, we can design special equipment for you.
For any audio problem that you have, we can find a solution so that the result is exactly as you want it to be.

Custom electronics

Any electronics can be custom made.
Soundcards for special purposes, automatisation of rides,...
The possibilities are almost unlimited.
Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to see if we can help with fulfilling them.

For some examples of projects that we have realized already, click References in the menu on the left.