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We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing sound systems specifically designed for all funfair rides, games,...
We are known for our fast and excellent service.
With a sound system from discosmash you buy a very durable high performance sound system for a reasonable price.
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High quality speakers

Wood quality and coating

Our speakers are made out of high quality, waterproof, birch plywood.
They are coated with a thick and very strong polymer to protect them from weather.
Because of the structure of the coating, it will be almost impossible to scratch or damage it.
You can littereally hit it with a hammer and not see a mark!


The same strong and thick coating is applied to the front grill.
This, on top of the 1.5mm thick galvanized steel, makes a very strong grill that won't corrode.
If you are still afraid of corrosion, we also can supply you with stainless steel grills!

The special foam behind the grill protects the speakers from rain and sun.
It still allows air to pass so that it doesn't obstruct the sound.
The foam is stuck on the grill so strong that it is almost impossible to remove.


Only high quality speaker components are used.
For example extremely light weight high power speakers with Neodymium magnet.